Products Overview

High quality aggregate

Scorpion Aggregates offers a variety of high-quality products such as crushed stone, gravel and sand. Through the careful process of screening and crushing, Scorpion Aggregates is able to manufacture premium products that meet the industry needs for asphalt, road base, and residential and commercial construction materials. We also offer the best quality material for environmental purposes.

Our wide variety of washed gravels and sands include ducting/cable sand, soft pit sand and fine washed sand. We strive to offer sands and gravels to meet all requirements and needs, including the making of mortars that are ideal for block/brick laying, concreting, plastering and block paving.

We offer the following types of sand and gravel:

  • ¾ inch which is a 20 mm crush material
  • 1.5 inch is a 40 mm crush material
  • 2.5 inch is a 63 mm crush material
  • Pit Run (provides superior compaction compared to other pit run products, making it ideal for use in commercial, industrial and residential projects)
  • Bank Sand (can be used in a variety of fill projects)
  • Fill Sand (it is a combination of various aggregates and sands and is mainly used for back filling)

We also provide:

  • Screened rock (can be used in driveways and general landscaping projects)
  • Washed rock (can be used in a variety of drainage and landscaping projects)

At Scorpion Aggregates, we pride ourselves on reliable customer service and quality control. We ensure we fully understand the exact needs of our customers and that all our drivers get to their jobs on time, in a safe manner with a positive attitude.